By Elizabeth Njambi
  Published 18 Oct 2018
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If you don’t already know, MKTE happened last week at KICC and it was just like the other presiding years, a grandiose exposition for the East African communities. From this, you can safely say without fear of persecution that the event utilized a bulk of resources in its production and consumption. If you were there, you’d concur with me that the management, On Show Solutions, did an impeccable job planning and executing the event. Expected standards were met in terms of cleanliness, décor, security and interior design. However, yes there’s a but and a big BUT, Green MICE standards were dishearteningly kicked to the curve.

This brings me to the rather crucial part of MKTE, Green Event Management Practice. It didn’t seem like this significant concept crossed the minds of the organizers yet it’s the blueprint of event planners worldwide. This Green concept is an archetype for all sustainable developments worldwide and if event planners don’t adapt quick, MICE will be yet another factor torpedoing our planet’s growth. To profoundly understand the concept of sustainable development, read 17 SDGs.

An event that seeks to cajole event industry players towards sustainable practices is here in Kenya, Global MICE Summit. It is a juggernaut of an event which seemingly will not be received by all industry players mainly due to the disruption it’s inevitably going to cause. Basically, the event aims to position technology at the forefront of event planning, obliterate plastic use and reduce on waste accrued during events and more so promote inclusivity of the local communities in the production of events. For more information on the Global MICE Summit visit our website:

Cheers sustainers!